Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Art and showing art

Last Saturday in Santa Barbara there was an opening for a show called "One Night Stand".  It was a fund raiser for Art From Scrap and I heard it went very well.  Lots of money made for a viable ecological and art education facility.  I was not able to attend as I was sick in bed, not wanting to do anything- a cold caught from my family after attending my family reunion and hanging out with my mom and sisters in San Rafael, CA.
I noticed on the website for Art From Scrap under "The Morning After" heading, that a not so great picture of the piece I entered was up, indicating that my piece did not sell.  I am not too sad about that (lest the hurt to my ego), because I really liked the piece I did, and since the "unveiling" is over I can post a picture here: 

This is a tribute to how I, in the very far past, felt after allowing myself the frivolous encounter of a One Night Stand. 
I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece- something I started in Michael deMeng's class.
And though, in my life I have made choices that have not been to my greatest benefit, I am here to say that life is good, that this moment is an opportunity to make a great choice for me, that I have everything I need, including a fabulous husband, kids and extended family and that I love making art!!!! 

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