Minggu, 11 September 2011

Jewelry studio with store front

I finally got a jewelers bench.  I needed a more ergonomic situation especially for sawing as I was sitting too high downstairs in the art clinic proper. This is called a mini bench and it sits on a table I found at a store called "Pink Trash" which is owned and operated by a mother and her two daughters who love to collect stuff.  Sound familiar?  The large drawer under the bench pin is used to collect all metal scraps and dust (silver is sooo expensive to not let any go to waste!!). I found that my saw was hitting the drawer so I use the drawer in the table to collect the silver. 

I've been wanting to work closer to my soldering station which is located on the street level landing and the back entrance of the Art Clinic.  You can see the windows that look out onto a drive that leads to public parking.

The foot traffic has been increasing since Knit Fit an arts and crafts store opened on the corner, Fresco Cafe opened across the parking lot and Art at Sevtap Wine Tasting opened up his business to share the back patio with the Art Clinic. There are people around!!!!  My friend Shelly Niro washed the windows and I painted the walls and moved my studio into the corner, left of the door.  I also painted a peg board to hold my tools.  I collaged and stenciled it as well.  I was afraid it would be too busy for such a tight space, but no--  I absolutely love it!!!
I am slowly creating a storefront to sell the wares made at the Art Clinic.  More photos to follow... if you haven't been to the art Clinic for awhile your in for a surprise.  Come by and say"hi".